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Frustrated? Confused? A great marketing strategy that gets results doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

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Instead of feeling frustrated with your website that doesn’t convert, email campaigns that don’t produce, and confusion about your brand, enjoy business growth, more customers, and more money.


A Marketing Audit That Will Make You Money

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    Less Confusion

    If you’re confused about what to tell your customers what you do, they won’t be interested.  We help you create a message that is clear, concise, and connects you with your customers.


    A Clear Plan

    Once your brand story is clarified and easily understood, we create a plan to put your strategy into action. You get a plan for sales funnels that engage your customers and convert leads into customers.

    Business Growth

    Now that you are clear on your brand message and have a great plan to follow you can enjoy your day to day business obligations without worrying about a marketing plan.  Best yet, you make more money by gaining more customers.


    As a business owner, you are the expert in your field which can make it difficult to find the right words to tell people what you do in a clear and concise way. Finding the right words to communicate the value your business offers can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Redbird Marketing has helped business owners like you create messaging and marketing that gets results.


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    People buy not because of a beautiful website, or well-designed email, they buy because of compelling words.  Through our Strategy Sessions, we create a brand message that creates customers.

    Create a Plan

    We create a plan that is customized for your business that will help customers realize they need your services or product to solve their problem. Stand out in the crowd with a strategy that creates raving fans.

    Apply the Strategy and Enjoy Growth

    By implementing your customized plan you will gain more customers that love your business. A marketing plan works if it’s designed to talk directly to them!  Then, you enjoy more time, less stress, and more money.


    “Redbird-Marketing does exceptional work.  Christine is very responsive to our requests, brilliant marketing plan ideas, and great to work with a positive attitude.  Christine has the “do it now” mentality. I would highly recommend working with Redbird Marketing”.
    Tom Gott

    Owner, Trusted Rides

    “Christine is a wealth of knowledge and understanding. She helped me to clarify my messaging and my brand through a few brief (and fun!) conversations. When I needed to pivot with my messaging, she understood the new direction and created copy that captured exactly what I was trying to say. I am so excited about my new website and the way I am now able to communicate with my community. I’m so very grateful to Christine and Redbird Marketing for their support and expertise!”

    Dr. Shawn Hondorp

    Psychologist, The Psychology of Wellness

    “Christine is amazing! She is creative, communicative, and an amazing writer. I am so thrilled with all she helped me clarify with my brand and website! Highly recommended—will definitely work with her again.

    Rolando Archilla


    What makes us different

    I am a Storybrand Certified Guide

    I am trained to utilize a marketing framework that gets results for you called Storybrand. This method has helped countless companies grow by clarifying their message. Experience more leads, increased revenue, and enjoy your business again.

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