Marketing That Works


  • Spending time and money on efforts that don’t work?
  • Trying to determine what message to use?
  • Figuring out how to create an email campaign?
  • How to create a lead generator?
  • Your team saying different messages to customers?

Redbird Marketing helps business owners like you create a brand message that sells and a strategy that builds awareness to grow your business.

How We Can Work Together


A free in-person or online workshop is a great way to get a fresh look at a marketing strategy that will work for your business.

Consulting Services

A personalized strategy built on what your customers want, how you provide solutions, and positions you as the community leader in your industry.

Customized Strategy & Collateral

Let us create your brand story, sales funnels and lead generators for you! We schedule a strategy session with you then we create all the marketing collateral for you. You can then stay focused on your daily business goals.

Hello. I’m Christine.


I am trained to utilize a marketing framework that gets results called Storybrand.  This method has helped countless companies grow by clarifying their message. Experience more leads, increased revenue, and enjoy your business again.

“I believe that if you offer a great service or product that positively impacts your community, you should have a effective marketing plan that works as hard as you do. However, it is this piece of running a business that is often done poorly or left undone entirely. Redbird Marketing will assist you in growing your business by creating a clear brand message and a sales funnels so you can enjoy your business and watch it grow.”



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