How To Use a Lead Magnet

How To Get More Leads

You’ve worked hard to build your business.  You feel confident that you can solve your potential client’s problems…but how do you get more leads? Developing a full sales funnel is the best way to ensure your hard work pays off.  A full sales funnel includes a compelling brand message, a clear and easy to understand website, a lead generator, an email campaign, and a quality sales letter that closes the deal.  With all these pieces in place, you are sure to attract more leads.  A lead generator, or lead magnet, is an essential piece of your strategy.  A lead magnet gives useful information to your leads that will help them the very day they read it.  It establishes you as an authority and as a trusted guide in your market. 

How do you use a Lead Magnet?

Creating a compelling lead magnet starts with understanding the problem your client is trying to solve as it pertains to your business.  For example, if you offer home inspection services, a free guide on the 5 Most Common Repairs Needed To Sell Your Home would be quite valuable to your potential customer.  Another idea is to offer some sort of checklist that would pertain to your business.  Or, you could offer a step-by-step tutorial or video.  The options are endless once you step into your client’s life and think of what they may need to solve their problem.  Once you have this put together IT IS IMPORTANT how you make this available.  Whether you are advertising your lead magnet to your website visitors, via Facebook or Google ads, or LinkedIn, you must create some context of why this information will help them.  Again, talk about the problem that caused them to google a service like yours.  Then, offer your lead magnet as part of the solution.  A well-designed pop-up on your site, a Facebook Ad or Google Ad pointing to your lead generator, or an article your write on LinkedIn can all funnel potential leads to your lead magnet.  HERE’S THE TRICK:  request their email address in order to send them your document/video/tutorial.  Then add their email address to your email management software.  This way you can continue to market to them via your stellar email campaign!  Ta-da!

It’s a win-win.  You give your potential customer valuable information and you receive their email.  The important take away here is that you give them something of VALUE.  This is your opportunity to stand out in the crowd of other competitors.  Your lead magnet can be a workhorse if you truly have the goal of solving a problem for your customer.  Then strategic positioning of your lead magnet on your website, social media accounts, and in your ad campaigns you will be sure to win a new lead and they will win helpful and useful information.  

Share with me your lead magnet!  I’d be happy to give you feedback.  You’ve worked hard to build your business.  It’s time to grow!


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