Need More Customers?

How do you get more customers?

Are you wondering how to attract and maintain leads then turn them into buying customers?

Thinking about this process as a relationship will help you understand the process needed to turn a website visitor into a raving fan.

First, when you meet someone that makes you curious, it is usually because you had a small thing in common. They may have connected with you on a pain point you’ve experienced. For example, they are a few years ahead of you in a similar business, or they know someone they can connect you to that would greatly impact your life. They have something you want. Perhaps it’s a solution. Now you are curious.

Next, you’d like to learn more. You coordinate a time to have coffee to discuss what you have in common. They share with you helpful information. You are enlightened.

Convinced this person is helping you solve a problem in your life, you commit to doing business with them or ask them for sort of relationship (“I’d like to date you exclusively”). You are committed.


How does it work in business?

A sales funnel is quite similar. A one-liner makes potential customers curious. They go to your website to learn more. Providing a free PDF/Video/E-book (lead magnet) enlightens them about your product or service. An email campaign nurtures this relationship until they are ready to commit and buy from you.

Businesses that build a full sales funnel and implement them are more successful than those who don’t. It is a process that can work for you while you tend to every day duties. Yes, this process will find clients for you while you sleep.

If you need a proven way to build your customer base, build a sales funnel.

If this seems overwhelming, or you just don’t have the time, schedule an appointment today.

I build sales funnels that create more leads so you can enjoy more time, more sales, and love your business again.


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