Your Homepage Can Make You Money

Does it Really Matter What Your Homepage Says?

If you’re frustrated with the lack of leads your website is generating, then listen up. Words matter. The wrong words can make your bounce rate skyrocket. The right words can create more clicks and convert leads into customers. You’ve put in a lot of time to build your business. Make sure your website does some hard work FOR you, not against you.

When a website header is vague and unclear as to what your company does you are inviting trouble to your day. The potential customer who comes to your page gives it about 5 seconds to compel them to scroll. 5 seconds. That’s it. You better make those 5 seconds count.

How do you do that?

Your potential customer is coming to you to get a problem solved. That problem has them feeling frustrated, inconvenienced, or overwhelmed. Use that emotion to propel them to want to learn more about your service or product. Touch on their pain point and HOW YOU SOLVE their problem.

Yes, this all goes in your header. Words matter. So, using the right words created to convey a compelling message is a necessity. Yet, don’t use too many words. Frustrated yet? Sorry. It really is an art creating the best copy or your website. It takes time and talent to think about what your customer needs, how it
makes them feel, how you can solve that problem, and then dialing it into the best few sentences.

Practice, practice, practice. Then, when you have a few options run them by your friends.
Give them 5 seconds to read what you wrote. Then ask them if they understand what you company does, what problem you solve, and how you make life better. This feedback will help you select the best words to get great results.
Yes, it does matter what your website says. It’s one of the first steps in your sales funnel that converts leads to customers. Make sure you do it right.


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